Land Use Planning

Agencies and Organizations

  • Center for Livable Communities
  • Citizen Planner Program
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Smart Growth
  • Livable Communities Initiative
  • Michigan Society of Planning
  • National Association of Realtors- Smart Growth Page
  • Partners for Livable Communities
  • PlaceMatters.com


  • American Planning Association's Policy Guide on Smart Growth
  • Breaking the Sprawl Addiction, A 12-Step Program
  • Case Studies of Land Use and Planning Successes*
  • Land Use Decision Making: A Fragmented System*
  • Land Use Tools and Techniques: A Handbook for Local Communities
  • Michigan Metropatterns, Myron Orfield and Thomas Luce, Amerigis*
  • Preservation Shore to Shore: Planning to Preserve
  • Status of Planning and Zoning in Michigan's Great Lakes Shoreline Communities

White Papers