Many Voices Are Calling For Wiser Land Use In Michigan...

Together they agree that uninformed and outdated land use policies threaten our landscapes, our ability to create and keep jobs, and our great places—both urban and rural. The bipartisan Michigan Land Use Leadership Council has provided a vision and a framework of recommendations in their report, Michigan's Land, Michigan's Future(August 2003). Members forged broad agreement on more than 100 of these policy recommendations to plan a stronger and more prosperous future for Michigan.

Leaders from the nonprofit, business, government, and foundation sectors are now working together on many of these recommendations. For media and government officials alike, tracking progress of the recommendations of the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council has been difficult, but now a new online site measures the progress Michigan's state government has made in addressing the Council's recommendations .Visit the People and Land Web site at www.peopleandland.org/mlulc_recommendations for a detailed progress report. This report will be updated at least monthly. If you have any feedback on this tool, please email PAL staff at pal@peopleandland.org.


Final Report: Michigan's Land, Michigan's Future (Aug. 2003)

Highlights: Summary of Final Report

Progress Report: Progress on Recommendations (Dec. 2004)

Government Actions: Implementation of the Recommendations (2003-Jan. 16, 2007)

Communications: Presentations and Candidate Education Campaign (2004-2006)