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Economic Development


  • Community Income and Expenditures Model (CIEM) (Click on Now Available Online for full report)
  • Economic and Demographic Data for Governor's Land Use Council, Douglas Drake, Wayne State University*
  • Job Sprawl: Employment Location in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
  • Office Sprawl: The Evolving Geography of Business
  • Michigan Workers in the Boom Years: Employment and Employment Earnings 1991-2000, Lou Glazer, Michigan Future, Inc. and Donald Grimes, University of Michigan*
  • New Economic Engine: National comparison shows Michigan can pull ahead with world-class transit
  • Urban Sprawl and the Market Landscape: A Market-Oriented Approach

White Papers

  • Funder's Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
    • Opportunities for Linking Movements: Workforce Development and Smart Growth